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I Dream of Comic-Con

Every year around this time, I feel like made the wrong choice in not going to San Diego Comic-Con. Last year, I was even on vacation while it was happening, except that I was in Las Vegas for what turned out to be a mediocre West Coast Swing dance convention. And last Fall I barely […]

New York City: The Sequel!!!

It seems like not so long ago I spirited off to New York and experienced the unabashed grandeur of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the rest of the Burroughs. It’s probably because it wasn’t that long ago. Less than six months, in fact. But I knew that couldn’t stay away for long, and as it so happens, […]

New York: Final Thoughts

I fell in love with New York on my first day. By the seventh, I was almost ready to cement the relationship by moving in with her. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once more: I believe this is the greatest city on the planet. I welcome being proven wrong, but until I […]


Two of the most difficult parts of my vacation were (1) actually being a tourist and (2) dealing with all the other tourists. I actually hate acting like a tourist in a foreign city. I’m totally fine with taking a ridiculous amount of pictures around Sacramento, but put my in Vegas, San Francisco, or New […]

Subway Stories

Before I got to New York, I knew that riding the Subway would play a large role in getting around the city. My girlfriend, having lived in Brooklyn for almost 2 years, warned me however that the system was rather complicated, with over a dozen lines all traveling on slightly (and sometimes drastically) different routes. I wasn’t […]

Central Park

In the movie “Lost in Translation”, there’s a scene early on in which Scarlett Johansson’s character pays a visit to a Japanese religious temple. This shrine could be Shinto or Buddhist, but it really doesn’t matter. What’s important about this scene is that her character – and we the audience – are taken in by […]

My Pilgrimage to Nintendo World

Some of the places I knew I wanted to see when I was in New York wasn’t what you’d expect. Of course I wanted to see the big attractions like the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Grand Central Terminal, but I had several other excursions planned that were decidedly nerdier. One in particular though […]

DUMBO, Manhattan, and SoHo, Oh My!

Despite that temultuous first morning in JFK Airport, I quickly fell in love with New York. My first days of exploring and sightseeing are easily some of my favorite moments from the trip. Shortly after my arrival at Lisa’s apartment, we went down to a nearby coffee house for the caffeine infusion I desperately needed […]

New York: Don’t Trust First Impressions

My first few hours in New York were rough. Actually, that’s like saying that the Atlantic Ocean is a bit damp: an understatement of the highest degree. Those hours sucked! The problems started before I even got on the plane. My girlfriend, having lived in New York for almost two years, had the foresight to […]

Jeff in the Big City

Greetings! I’m finally back from my week-long trip to New York City (which thankfully ended before Hurricane Sandy showed up), and I have so much to talk about. I originally planned on blogging from my phone while I was in New York, but that obviously didn’t pan out. Instead, I decided to collect my thoughts […]

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