New York City: The Sequel!!!

It seems like not so long ago I spirited off to New York and experienced the unabashed grandeur of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the rest of the Burroughs. It’s probably because it wasn’t that long ago. Less than six months, in fact. But I knew that couldn’t stay away for long, and as it so happens, my girlfriend was itching to go back herself and visit all the friends she had to leave behind in the move to Sacramento. Since I had the time, opportunity, and inclination, I figured “What the heck!” and tagged along.

Back in October, I mused extensively about all the sights, sounds, and experiences from my week in New York. This year’s affair was much more low-key, filled with less sightseeing (although we did our share of that as well). Instead, my girlfriend and I spent of time doing the kinds of things that local New Yorkers do. We went out to dinner with friends, getting drunk and riding the subway home. We ate brunch at little holes in the wall and then went shopping at the Brooklyn flea. The two of us visited the Hipster Homeland in Williamsburg, chuckled at some of the ridiculous fashion and facial hair and eventually came to terms with our own “hipsterness”. And – perhaps the highlight of the whole endeavor – we ventured out to The Bowery and watched her friend Emily play Innertube Water Polo. It’s something that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

I’d love to start a league in Sacramento with the local social sports club… I’ll keep you posted.

Although my five days in New York were brimming with activities, it seemed like it was all over too soon. Once again, I felt a sadness mixed with a longing to return as soon as I could. There are so many places I still haven’t visited (like the Bronx Zoo or the Met), and many more that I’d like to revisit (like Central Park). The city really is just too big to experience in a handful of days. It makes me wonder how much time I’m going to need if and when I finally make it to Japan.