Jeff in the Big City

Greetings! I’m finally back from my week-long trip to New York City (which thankfully ended before Hurricane Sandy showed up), and I have so much to talk about. I originally planned on blogging from my phone while I was in New York, but that obviously didn’t pan out. Instead, I decided to collect my thoughts and experiences each day in a journal, no matter how small, and ultimately distill that weeks worth of material into several focused blog posts.

I ended up filling over a quarter of that journal during my trip, and have close to a dozen blog ideas as a result. Starting tonight, you should expect those in the next few days.

Before I delve deeper into the particulars on my trip though, I just wanted to say that New York is an incredible city: arguably the greatest city in the world and certainly the best I’ve ever been to (sorry, San Francisco, but you’re kind of lame by comparison). Despite my rocky first morning in the city or the intense foot pain I was having by the time I left, I basically loved every moment of my trip. I would love to go back soon, but first I need to pay off some more debt and build back up my vacation time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading about all my experiences last week in the Big City.