I Dream of Comic-Con

Every year around this time, I feel like made the wrong choice in not going to San Diego Comic-Con. Last year, I was even on vacation while it was happening, except that I was in Las Vegas for what turned out to be a mediocre West Coast Swing dance convention. And last Fall I barely missed crashing NY Comic-Con, which unfortunately occurred the week before my inaugural visit to the 5 boroughs. I contented myself this weekend simply enjoying the home experience, but in my heart I knew that my enjoyment of the event was a pale shadow compared to those who were eating, sleeping, and breathing the SDCC experience.

And with that in mind, I have vowed to make my long-overdue pilgrimage to San Diego next Summer.

I’d love to somehow find a way – a.k.a. money – to revisit New York in October and attend their Comic Con because – let’s face it – I’m always looking for an excuse to go back East. I really don’t see that happening though, outside of me somehow landing a much better paying gig than I have now (But I’ve got my fingers crossed!). This means the earliest I could visit one of these Nerd Meccas would be San Diego 2014. That’s not so bad though; it definitely gives me time to save up and make the appropriate arrangements.

Of course, the most important preparation is deciding what character to cosplay as.