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In Light of Recent Events in Orlando

I wrote a letter to my Senator today, and I urge you all to do the same, especially if you care at all about the factors that led up to the recent tragedy in Orlando. I’m lucky to have representatives who shares my beliefs. One of my Senators – Dianne Feinstein – is a proven […]

10 Years Later…

Y’know, I realized not too long ago that I’ve been maintaining this humble blog – in one form or another – for at least 10 years at this point. When I started, I was nothing but a wee high school student, barely getting my feet wet with HTML and hosting the first iteration of my […]

Image of Chromebooks

Livin’ La Vida Chromebook

As a writer, few things are more important to me than the tools of my craft. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I need my tools to work to their fullest potential if I’m going to be happy and productive. A pen that has trouble writing, for instance, will inevitably send me on an […]

Back to Basics

I haven’t been writing lately, as you’ve no doubt noticed, and although my recent move (and all the related preparations) is at least partially to blame, that’s not the whole story. The real reason is that I have too many distraction, or more accurately, I let said distractions get the better of me. Although I’d […]

An Amazing Gift from an Amazing Girl

So I definitely have one of the coolest girlfriends ever. For my birthday last month (a day that – if you recall – had me feeling pretty down), she got me what is easily one of the best gifts ever: A vintage typewriter! I’ve often fantasized about owning an old typewriter: I’m a writer and […]

Tools of the Trade

To all my all my fellow writers and bloggers, I have a question for you: what tools to you use? This is a topic that’s always fascinated me, in part because I know there are so many tools and methods one can employ in the writing process, but also because my own methods and tools […]

So about that novel I was writing…

I haven’t touched it in almost two weeks. And I’m not likely to finish it anytime soon.¬†I started out strong. I spent the first couple days developing plot and hitting my daily writing quota. I was feeling really good: this was the most creative writing I’d done in probably 3 years, and it was wonderful […]

I’m Writing a Novel!

In case you haven’t heard, November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo¬†to it’s friends). What’s more, I’m actually participating this year. That’s right: this aspiring author with aspire no more! Come November 30th, I’ll be a certified novelist! … Or at least, that’s the idea. In order to “win,” you have to write a novel […]

I Write Like…

I Write Like is a neat website tells you which famous writer you write like by analyzing word choice and writing style. You can have old essays, short stories, or even blog posts (as I did) analyzed So who do I write like? According to the website, I write like a lot of famous authors. […]

The Buzz about this Blog

Every time I post a new blog, one of my hopes is that my writing will generate interesting conversation in the comments. I often enjoy reading the back and forth between author and reader that occurs on other blogs, so naturally I aspire for the same on this blog. And though I have occasionally inspired […]

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