An Amazing Gift from an Amazing Girl

So I definitely have one of the coolest girlfriends ever. For my birthday last month (a day that – if you recall – had me feeling pretty down), she got me what is easily one of the best gifts ever:

A vintage typewriter!

I’ve often fantasized about owning an old typewriter: I’m a writer and a sucker for vintage stuff, so a typewriter is basically the pinnacle of cool in my book. Unfortunately, the prices I often see online are ridiculously high for someone of my modest income, so I gave up the idea until I improved my financial situation. So imagine my surprise when I opened up my birthday present to find a vintage Corona typewriter. My girlfriend apparently found it while furniture shopping at a local antique store, at a price (according to her) exponentially less than the prices I quoted her.

Almost a month later, I still giddy about it. I’ve put it on display in my room so I can admire it everyday, and as soon as I replace the ribbon, I intend to actually use it. Perhaps I’ll go old school this year for NaNoWriMo.