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On Being 27

It’s seems improbable that just a few short days ago I turned 27, thereby entering the final year of my mid-twenties. Just five years ago I was 22, finishing my final semester of college and preparing for what I knew to be a successful career as a post-collegiate adult. In fact, I remember doing a […]

An Amazing Gift from an Amazing Girl

So I definitely have one of the coolest girlfriends ever. For my birthday last month (a day that – if you recall – had me feeling pretty down), she got me what is easily one of the best gifts ever: A vintage typewriter! I’ve often fantasized about owning an old typewriter: I’m a writer and […]

Oh! Hello, Birthday Blues!

I was wondering whether you’d show up to the party this year. Not sure if I’ve written about this before (oh look! I have!), but every year around my birthday I start to feel down. Much like January 1st inspires introspection and the creation of resolutions, my birthday is always a period of reflection. Unfortunately, […]

Birthday Dance Party in Palm Springs

Sunday is my 24th birthday, and while that’s not necessarily a milestone, I’m planning to celebrate in style! You may recall that back in May I won free tickets to the Palm Springs Summer Dance Camp, and it just so happens that the convention is also this weekend. In fact, I’m leaving in less than […]

I’m almost as old as Mario

Turns out today is the 25th Anniversary of the NES classic, Super Mario Bros. Like many my age, I grew up playing the myriad Mario Bros. games. In fact, I’m pretty sure Super Mario Bros. just might be the first videogame I ever played. Almost 20 years later, I’m not only still playing videogames but Mario […]

Happy Birthday, America!

I’ll be spending this 4th of July with my girlfriend. We don’t really have any plans, although I have a feeling large, neon-colored explosions will somehow play a part. We spent yesterday afternoon at Folsom Lake, spending time with some of our dancing friends and enjoying barbecued meat and veggies. And our friend Dennis brought […]

Jeff and Katherine’s Birthday Extravaganza!

My friend Katherine and I both have our birthdays in August, separated by a mere week; my birthday is August 14th while hers is August 21. So together we hatched a plan: combine our birthday into one giant celebration that will cause the world to stand up and take notice of our respective awesomeness. For […]

Birthday Depression

Is there anyone else who has this? I’ve been getting it since I was about 16 or 17. Starting a few days before my birthday and lasting a week (sometimes two) afterward, I become very depressed about my current position in life. With my 20th birthday coming up on Tuesday the 14th, I was struck […]

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