I’m almost as old as Mario

Turns out today is the 25th Anniversary of the NES classic, Super Mario Bros.

Like many my age, I grew up playing the myriad Mario Bros. games. In fact, I’m pretty sure Super Mario Bros. just might be the first videogame I ever played. Almost 20 years later, I’m not only still playing videogames but Mario games as well. New Super Mario Bros for the Wii was even my favorite game of last year.

But I’ve also got my girlfriend hooked. Although she loves to watch me play other games like Metroid Prime (or “the bug game,” as she calls it), the Mario games are special because they get us playing together. Mario Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros., and more recently Mario Kart are all staples in our gaming diet.

So Happy Anniversary, Mario! I hope to be playing the latest Mario game 25 years from now!