I Write Like…

I Write Like is a neat website tells you which famous writer you write like by analyzing word choice and writing style. You can have old essays, short stories, or even blog posts (as I did) analyzed

So who do I write like? According to the website, I write like a lot of famous authors. I tested multiple blog entries, and each time a different result popped up. My two favorites though were JD Salinger and Stephen King.

Stephen King gets a lot of flack because he writes horror novels, but the man really is a phenomenal writer. Long-winded maybe, but good nonetheless. And if you ever wanted advice on how to be a writer, I can think of few books better than his memoir On Writing. It’s been a constant inspiration to me, and I may just reread it in the coming months.

And JD Salinger is just brilliant, so any comparison to him is a plus.

Thanks to Geek in Heels for sharing!