The Buzz about this Blog

Every time I post a new blog, one of my hopes is that my writing will generate interesting conversation in the comments. I often enjoy reading the back and forth between author and reader that occurs on other blogs, so naturally I aspire for the same on this blog. And though I have occasionally inspired reader participation with one of my blogs, more often than not, the comment section remains vacant.

But on Google Buzz, I’m generating far more input on my posts.

Of course, I’m happy to receive such attention from my friend on Buzz, but I’m also a bit surprised by it. Why is it that people are more willing to participate in Google Buzz than on my actual blog? Is it because Buzz delivers it right to their email account? I know not everyone who uses GMail also uses an RSS Reader like Bloglines or Google Reader, so I have to assume this is partially responsible. Would advertising new posts on Twitter and Facebook have a similar effect?

Wherever you may be reading this, I look forward to all the future comments from my readers.