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Fixing Up the Blogs

When I finally made the jump to WordPress last Tuesday, I knew that the transition from Blogger was going to come with some problems. There were tons of broken links, none of my images transferred over, and the formatting on some of the posts was just awful. Knowing all this, I still (foolishly) thought fixing […]

Words With Jeff: Now with More WordPress

Perhaps you’ve noticed something different about this site since last night. That’s no illusion: I’ve finally moved my blog out of Google’s gardens and into the world of WordPress… Sorry, I’ll try to keep the alliteration to a minimum. I’ve been wanting to make this switch for over a year now. Since I started managing […]

Ninjas and Dinosaurs

Have you noticed anything different about this blog lately? That’s right: the new name (and URL!) are both live. Irish Ninjutsu has officially been renamed Ninjasaurus. As I mentioned before, this wasn’t a change I embarked on half-heartedly. I spent many hours brainstorming and deliberating a multitude of names. I’m hoping you like the new […]

The Blogs They Are A-Changin’

The last few months have been hectic! Not only have I been on the hunt for a new job (still no luck) and building a website for a local dance club, but as you’re no doubt aware I’ve been blogging pretty regularly. I’m not sure I’ve ever maintained a writing schedule this rigorous before. It’s been […]

The Buzz about this Blog

Every time I post a new blog, one of my hopes is that my writing will generate interesting conversation in the comments. I often enjoy reading the back and forth between author and reader that occurs on other blogs, so naturally I aspire for the same on this blog. And though I have occasionally inspired […]

Save the Colossi

I’m posting to let you guys know that I have launched a “spin-off” blog focusing primarily on gaming called “Save the Colossi.” Although I’ll continue to post about gaming-related topics here from time to time, Save the Colossi is meant to be a repository of essays on videogames and occasionally anime. The celebrate the launch […]

Requisite Introductions

Hello, I’m a blogger, blah blah blah. I feel like I have to post something introductory, but it’s always a pain. So I’ll make this brief and let you learn about me more from my future posts. I’m a geek, japan freak, browser zealot, mouse potato, and an aspiring author. Some people call me the […]

Words With Jeff

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