Fixing Up the Blogs

When I finally made the jump to WordPress last Tuesday, I knew that the transition from Blogger was going to come with some problems. There were tons of broken links, none of my images transferred over, and the formatting on some of the posts was just awful. Knowing all this, I still (foolishly) thought fixing up my old posts would take minimal effort, and I could be finished with the whole process in a few hours.

Well here we are, a full week later, and the surprisingly Herculean task is finally done. The nights were long, the cups of coffee numerous, and the eyes incredibly strained, but I think it was worth it. Hopefully you all enjoy (or at the very least, notice) all the improvements. Let me know what you think. I have a few more changes planned, but I definitely need a break before I dive into those.

On the bright side, I really enjoyed looking through my archives. It’s fun to see how I’ve grown as a writer over the years (my first post was in January of 2007!), and to be reminded of how funny I was sometimes.

My favorite, of course, remains “WHY ARE THERE SO MANY WAFFLES?!” 

Thanks for that one, Lisa.