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Technolust: Time for Another Pebble

Almost like clockwork, Pebble is back on Kickstarter with their next lineup of smartwatches. It was only last year that I bought my very first Pebble watch, and at the time I wasn’t sure if I even had room for a wearable device in my life. Sure, there’s something inherently cool about owning a watch […]

Image of Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch

Technolust: Don’t Call It an Apple Watch

There’s been a lot of talk about watches this month thanks to Apple. After mounds of speculation, we finally know the prices for their wrist worn iPhone accessory: starting at $349 for the “Sport” model and going well over $10,000 for the rose or yellow gold “Edition” model, depending on the size and the watch band […]

Technolust: The Pebble Smartwatch

I’ve never been a huge fan of wristwatches. I tried wearing a few as I was growing up, but I could never quite get used to having something strapped to my wrist at all times. They always made my wrists uncomfortably sweaty and itchy. Eventually I got a cellphone and that solved all my time-telling […]

Technolust: White is the New Black

Do you remember that Nokia phone I was lusting over back in November? Well today AT&T officially announced the launch date and price of the bigger and better version of that phone: the Lumia 900. It’s still a Windows Phone with that same great (dare I say… sexy?) hardware, but now it has a larger screen, […]

Technolust: The Nokia Lumia 800

Every so often a device comes along which pushes my “WANT!” Meter to 11. Whether it’s the hardware, the software, or that perfect combination of both, these are the gadgets that fill me with Technolust. Although I may very well buy an iPhone 4S when I can finally afford a smartphone, I have to admit […]

Technolust: Music to my Ears

A few days ago, I said I’d pretty much decided to get the new iPhone 4. My Android predilections, however, have gotten the better of me, thanks in part to Engadget’s lengthy review of the HTC Aria. I believe my future phone has been found!

Technolust: The HTC Droid Incredible

As a longtime fan of Google’s many and varied products – from GMail, Reader, and Docs to their superb Chrome browser – it should be obvious that I’m at least somewhat interested in the Android cellphone OS. I don’t own an Android-based phone myself, but I’m certainly considering one. The only thing holding me back […]

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