Technolust: The HTC Droid Incredible

As a longtime fan of Google’s many and varied products – from GMail, Reader, and Docs to their superb Chrome browser – it should be obvious that I’m at least somewhat interested in the Android cellphone OS. I don’t own an Android-based phone myself, but I’m certainly considering one. The only thing holding me back is the lack of strong Android phones on AT&T. I’ve been pretty satisfied with them as a provider, and I’d rather not switch if I can help it.

The Droid Incredible, however, has me reconsidering that position.

Although my previous experience with Verizon was anything but positive (I frequently had calls dropped while I was a customer), it’s hard to deny how appealing their line of Android phones is. I’m still hoping that AT&T will get a comparable phone in the not-to-distant future so I won’t have to gaze longingly at how the other half lives.

Of course, if that doesn’t happen, I’ll probably just default to the iPhone. The supposed hardware that was leaked yesterday is certainly slick.

Engadget has a great review of the Droid Incredible, which only fuels my desire.