My Sordid Love Affair with Google Chrome

As I’ve stated numerous times on this blog and elsewhere, I am a hardcore Firefox user. I love the look, feel, and utility of Mozilla’s browser, and I’ve often tried to convert friends to my side on the new Browser Wars. I am a self-proclaimed Browser Zealot, and I honestly believe that all other web browsers are in some way inferior to Firefox. However, I do have a dirty little secret: I am actually kind of in love with Google Chrome.

That’s not to say I love everything about Chrome; I can’t stand using the bookmarks bar and the Omnibar is nowhere near as useful as Firefox’s Awesome Bar. On the whole though, the nimble and lightweight design on Chrome makes short browsing sessions efficient and – dare I say? – a little fun. It took four version (and the addition of extensions) for Google to finally win me over, but now I could switching to Chrome full-time if need be. It’s not perfect, but it certainly does a lot of things right. And what else should I expect? This is Google we’re talking about, after all.

That said, I still love Firefox and revel in reading every little detail about the upcoming 4.0 release.