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My First Smartphone

This weekend – after many, many months of lusting over the idea of owning a smartphone (let alone the various models) – I finally took the plunge and joined the 21st Century. It’s only been a couple of days, but already I’m wondering how I went so long without it. Text messaging alone was worth the […]

Technolust: Music to my Ears

A few days ago, I said I’d pretty much decided to get the new iPhone 4. My Android predilections, however, have gotten the better of me, thanks in part to Engadget’s lengthy review of the HTC Aria. I believe my future phone has been found!

Technolust: The HTC Droid Incredible

As a longtime fan of Google’s many and varied products – from GMail, Reader, and Docs to their superb Chrome browser – it should be obvious that I’m at least somewhat interested in the Android cellphone OS. I don’t own an Android-based phone myself, but I’m certainly considering one. The only thing holding me back […]

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