Technolust: Music to my Ears

A few days ago, I said I’d pretty much decided to get the new iPhone 4. My Android predilections, however, have gotten the better of me, thanks in part to Engadget’s lengthy review of the HTC Aria. I believe my future phone has been found!

Although it’s certainly not a cutting-edge phone like the EVO or iPhone 4, I’m not really sure I need or even want that much technology. I have no need for a front-facing camera or the ability to record HD video. All I really want is mobile access to Gmail, Twitter, and Google Maps, a camera, and a device that fits nicely in my hand. In these ways, the Aria fits me rather well (although I do wish the camera had an LED flash).

I especially like how compact the phone is. After seeing the beast they’re calling the Droid X, I’m pretty conscious of phone size. I don’t want a phone that’s going to be uncomfortable to carry around in my pockets.

I’m still a few months away from getting a new phone, but I’m pretty excited by the prospect of owning an Aria. I think I may head to an AT&T store in the next week or so to get some hands-on time.