Technolust: The Pebble Smartwatch

I’ve never been a huge fan of wristwatches. I tried wearing a few as I was growing up, but I could never quite get used to having something strapped to my wrist at all times. They always made my wrists uncomfortably sweaty and itchy. Eventually I got a cellphone and that solved all my time-telling needs.

But I must admit, there’s something very appealing about watches.

Perhaps that’s why one of my new technology obsessions is the “smartwatch“. If you haven’t heard of the smartwatch before, don’t fret: this isn’t some piece of “hipster technology” that you aren’t cool enough to know about. This is a fairly new gadget realm. Basically, a smartwatch is a supercharged wrist watch that can communicate with your smartphone, allowing you to see text messages, Caller ID, and even control music playback without ever touching your phone. Oh, and of course it tells the time.

I think eventually Apple may get into the smartwatch game with the iPod Nano (they already sell wristbands, after all), but until then, the coolest watch on the block is definitely the Pebble. The price on their Kickstarter is a bit steep at $115, but you are getting some serious tech for that price. The real question: even if the watch is really cool and expensive, will I actually wear it?