Technolust: The Nokia Lumia 800

Every so often a device comes along which pushes my “WANT!” Meter to 11. Whether it’s the hardware, the software, or that perfect combination of both, these are the gadgets that fill me with Technolust.

Although I may very well buy an iPhone 4S when I can finally afford a smartphone, I have to admit Nokia’s Lumia 800 is a very sexy piece of hardware, made even more appealing by its affinity for Windows Phone 7. The device is a finely-crafted beauty, with the iPhone 4S as its only equal in terms of looks. In fact, if the iPhone hooked up with the pre-postage stamp iPod Nano after a drinking a nice bottle of red wine one evening, the child of that glorious evening would almost certainly be this phone.

We’re starting to see the first succulent fruits of Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft, which in addition to producing handsome phones like the Lumia 800 also promises to improve the underlying Windows Phone OS itself, courtesy of some Nokia-based enhancements. If the rest of Nokia’s WP7 devices are as beautiful as this one, this probably won’t be the last Technolust post you’ll see on the subject.