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A Lack of New Figures Lately

Long-time readers will know that I have a small collection of Anime and videogame figures, which is a very fancy term for glorified toys. I’ve written about them numerous times over the years. Because these figures are predominantly female characters, my friends have often (jokingly?) referred to them as my “dollies”. This doesn’t really embarrass […]

Mega Man Mania

Tiny Cartridge is quickly becoming my favorite site on the interwebs. In case you don’t remember, they were the ones who brought me news of a Mega Man figure a few weeks back. I’ve been following the website ever since and the last week has brought me not one but two awesome Mega Man-related stories. […]

For the Love of Mega Man!

As I’ve stated on this blog before, I’ve got something of a passion for Mega Man. I’m sure there are many, many people out there far more fanatical about the series than I – the kind of people who own, play, and have beaten every Mega Man title ever released –  I have a genuine […]

Happiness in a Box

My whole life growing up, I loved receiving mail. When your life isn’t filled with car payments and utility bills, what is there to dislike about mail. Mail always meant either a new videogame magazine or maybe a hallmark card celebrating some occasion (which often came with money or giftcards in tow). But even better […]

Yoko Nendoroid Confirmed!

Speaking of Gurren Lagann: my dream has come true! I’ve been hoping that GoodSmile Co. would create one of their famous Nendoroid figures of Gurren Lagann’s heroine, Yoko Litona. Well, sure enough, they have. Blogger Danny Choo made a lengthy and photo-filled post this morning about the upcoming Figma and Nendoroid releases, and among the […]

The Extravaganza of Haruhi Suzumiya Nendoroids

A couple weeks ago, I briefly mentioned that a new set of Petit Nendoroids were going to be available this Fall. Although the release features two sets of five, I’m not too interested in the Day of Sagittarius Nendos. I’m for more interested in the concert set based on this artwork, especially the girls. Originally, […]

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