Happiness in a Box

My whole life growing up, I loved receiving mail. When your life isn’t filled with car payments and utility bills, what is there to dislike about mail. Mail always meant either a new videogame magazine or maybe a hallmark card celebrating some occasion (which often came with money or giftcards in tow). But even better are the packages. They hold such possibilities!

So what did the nice mailman deliver to me today?

haruhi-nendo-set haruhi-nendo mikuru-nendo yuki-nendo

I ordered these girls from Amazon last weekend. I’ve been wanting them for a long time, but I could never find a provider that had them all in stock. Getting all three was a little expensive (especially with school now in session), but they were the only “old” figures I had on my want list.

Some of you may be wondering what makes these figures different from the Nendoroids I posted about previously. Basically, those Nendos were “petit” or “puchi” (see: small) Nendoroids, whereas these cuties are the real deal. These new figures are larger, more posable, and come with many more interchangable body parts. I’ll be taking some more dynamic photos of this group in the coming days and weeks, including a few comparing the different body sizes. I just need to grab my collection from work and find a nice private spot to snap some photos.

One final thing I never got around to posting about is my single purchase from the SacAnime Convention last weekend: the Nendoroid Tachikoma (from Ghost in the Shell: SAC).


I was very lucky: these things usually sell for $40+ from online retailers, but I managed to snag it for $20. I’m glad I found it for that much because in hindsight, I’d rather not pay that much for this figure. The claws on the hands (which are interchangeable) are very prone to popping out of their joints. I’ll need to grab some glue soon to repair them. Sorry about the picture quality; my camera was on the verge of death due to a low battery. I’ll post better pictures in the future.