Mega Man Mania

Tiny Cartridge is quickly becoming my favorite site on the interwebs.

In case you don’t remember, they were the ones who brought me news of a Mega Man figure a few weeks back. I’ve been following the website ever since and the last week has brought me not one but two awesome Mega Man-related stories.

The first is an update on the figure, with new promotion pictures showing Mega Man in a variety poses and with – what appear to be – attachable accessories. I’ll probably have Mega Man firing a charge-shot at all times once I get him.


The next piece is something I would gladly hang on my wall: a Mega Man mosaic composed entirely of screenshots from Mega Man 1-6. Sadly, the artist is not planning on making duplicates to sell.

Wouldn’t this look wonderful hanging in my den?
Oh right, I don’t have a den… =_=

On a related note: I recently picked up the Mega Man Official Complete Works artbook. Capcom has been releasing some phenomenal artbooks lately, including the Okami and Street Fighter Tribute books I previously mentioned (and now proudly own). This Mega Man book is no exception, and I highly recommend it to fans of the series.