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Mega Man

More Than a Netflix Box

This evening I booted up my Nintendo Wii intending to spend yet another evening basking in the crimson-tinted glow of Netflix. I recently discovered that the old 90s era X-Men cartoon from my youth was available for streaming in its entirety, so I’ve spent the last few days reliving those halcyon days. But after a […]

Mega Man Mania

Tiny Cartridge is quickly becoming my favorite site on the interwebs. In case you don’t remember, they were the ones who brought me news of a Mega Man figure a few weeks back. I’ve been following the website ever since and the last week has brought me not one but two awesome Mega Man-related stories. […]

For the Love of Mega Man!

As I’ve stated on this blog before, I’ve got something of a passion for Mega Man. I’m sure there are many, many people out there far more fanatical about the series than I – the kind of people who own, play, and have beaten every Mega Man title ever released –  I have a genuine […]

A New 8-bit Mega Man?! I Must Be Dreaming!

I had planned to post last week about the rumored existence of Mega Man 9, which was reported by Siliconera almost two weeks ago. Apparently, a foreign ratings board rated Mega Man, which no one even knew existed. The platform was listed as “multiplatform,” leading most (myself included) to suspect a download service. I personally […]

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