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Green Arrow

On the eve of Marvel’s Daredevil series premiere, I wanted to spend some time talking about another superhero TV series that you really should be watching: Arrow. It’s probably one of the best shows on television right now, and yet it often feels like no one is paying attention to it. There’s always plenty of […]

More Than a Netflix Box

This evening I booted up my Nintendo Wii intending to spend yet another evening basking in the crimson-tinted glow of Netflix. I recently discovered that the old 90s era X-Men cartoon from my youth was available for streaming in its entirety, so I’ve spent the last few days reliving those halcyon days. But after a […]

My Top 10 Movies of 2010 (With a Twist!)

The past year has been incredible for me personally. I know I saw more movies in 2010 then in any year previously, between the many nights I spent over the summer at the drive-in or the multitude of DVDs Netflix sent me (I got my subscription last January). Of course, not everything I watched this […]

Addicted to Weeds

I do not do drugs. Let that be a matter of public record. Having said that, I am absolutely addicted to the TV show Weeds. I’ve been hearing people talk about it over the years, and I recently discovered that Netflix has almost all of it available to Watch Instantly. So yesterday I was going […]

A Slacker’s Life For Me

slacker – noun \ˈsla-kər\ a person who shirks work or obligation a person and especially a young person who is perceived to be disaffected, apathetic, cynical, or lacking ambition(Source: Merriam-Webster) I’ve been unemployed for almost two weeks now, and although I am actively job-hunting, I’m also not in that big of a hurry to rejoin […]

High Kicks and Karate Flicks

Happy Labor Day! I’m sure most of you are out barbequeing or enjoying the last long weekend of Summer at the beach. I, on the other hand, spent the weekend in a rather unorthodox manner: watching martial arts movies. Action movies are easily my favorite genre, but I think that the martial arts subgenre might […]

Hulu Hesitations

A couple days ago, Hulu announced their new subscription service, which has many people pretty excited. For $10 a month, you get access to a larger catalog of TV shows than what’s currently available for free, including entire seasons. I’m left pretty lukewarm by the news though.

Mid-Year Resolutions

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my goals in life, both long-term and short-term. I know this is partly due to my ongoing job search, but I’m also a person who constantly strives for something greater in life. I know there’s always room for improvement, and this knowledge has often pushed me to better […]

Some Thoughts on Netflix for Wii

As a Wii owner, I’ve often been frustrated by the lack of DVD playback on the device. Even though I know and understand the reasoning behind the omission, it still seems like a missed opportunity. I mean, the controller looks like a TV remote. Thankfully though, the situation was somewhat rectified last weekend when I […]

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