Hulu Hesitations

A couple days ago, Hulu announced their new subscription service, which has many people pretty excited. For $10 a month, you get access to a larger catalog of TV shows than what’s currently available for free, including entire seasons. I’m left pretty lukewarm by the news though.

I don’t currently pay for cable television. as it’s an expense my roommate and I decided we could do without. As a result, I’m a regular Hulu user, since it’s the only way I can personally watch Burn Notice and Glee. Besides these two shows, however, I basically have no interest in watching television. I used to watch a great deal when I lived at home, but since leaving for college, I’ve found I don’t miss it. Sure I occasionally I have an urge to watch Law & Order, Mythbusters, or something else, but for the most part I’ve just lost interest in the boob tube. The only reason I have one in my room is to watch movies and play videogames.

And that’s really the problem I have personally with this announcement: there’s little if anything of value or interest that Hulu Plus can provide. What few shows I watch I can already see for free on Hulu, and if I have an interest in watching in older series like How I Met Your Mother or the original Star Trek, I can just as easily add those to my Netflix queue (or even use Watch Instantly). Being able to stream shows on my iPod Touch would be nice, but is it worth $10 for the privilege? Probably not.

I may end up giving it a try for a month, but I honestly can’t see myself becoming a regular subscriber.

And yes, I am a Gleek. I totally love the show! I still have yet to watch the finale though. Guess I better hop on Hulu soon and watch it before it expires.