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Terse Words about Angry Birds

It seems like only yesterday that I was ranting about Rovio’s unfulfilled promises regarding Angry Birds and the ability to sync progress across devices. Unfortunately, it wasn’t yesterday; it was over a year ago, which itself was at least a year after the company promised to be working on a solution. Well I guess I […]

My Brilliant Kickstarter Idea

As so often happens, I have an amazing idea for a Kickstarter project. Forget all the smartwatches, videogame consoles, and Kristen Bell movies, this is an idea that’s going to leave them all in the dust. Someone – please! – make a modern MP3 player! I give this idea to you for free, dear Internets, […]

Kids These Days…

I saw one of the most bizarre things last night: I saw a young girl – probably 11 or 12 – making a call… using her iPod Touch! I’ve known this was a technically feasible thing to do ever since Apple started building microphones into the iPod Touch, and occasionally I hear about some member […]

My World Is About To Be Set On Fire

It’s been a long six weeks, but my wait is almost over. Today I got an email from Amazon telling me that my Kindle Fire has officially shipped. It should arrive in the next day or two, and I can almost guaranty that by the weekend I’ll have an extensive, Scott Pilgrim-style review posted. In related news, […]

Why I Bought a New iPod

This weekend, I braved my local Apple Store – completely forgetting that the latest iPhone had just been released on Friday – with the singular goal of acquiring a new iPod. I didn’t walk out with a replacement Touch though (I’ve already decided against that); instead I bought a 16GB iPod Nano. Whenever I tell […]

Apple, iPods, and Apathy

For iPod users, this time of year is akin the Christmas. September is always New iPod Season, with music and gadget geeks alike waiting, wallets open and ready, for Apple to reveal the latest and greatest iPods. In case you didn’t know, today was that day. I was able to watch the event live thanks […]

It Slices! It Dices! It Makes Julienne Fries!!

After my post about shopping for a new digital camera, I had several people ask me why I wanted a stand-alone device when camera phones are getting so good. This is a dilemma with buying technology: do you buy a one-hit wonder or a jack-of-all-trades device? I often bounce back and forth on the subject. […]

iPhone OS 4.0: The Future is… Soon

Last week, I wrote about Apple’s imminent announcement regarding the next version of the iPhone OS.  Well, Jobs has since shown his hand and it may actually be a winner. Multitasking, Game Center, and Folders all look to be great additions to the platform. I can’t wait to try them out on my iPod Touch […]

iPhone OS 4.0: Hopes for a Better Smartphone?

Once again, Apple has something up their sleeve. Today, just a few days after the release of the iPad, the company is going to reveal the details for the next version of the iPhone OS, which powers not only the iPhone but the iPad and iPod Touch as well. I’m an iPod Touch owner myself, […]

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