My Brilliant Kickstarter Idea

As so often happens, I have an amazing idea for a Kickstarter project. Forget all the smartwatches, videogame consoles, and Kristen Bell movies, this is an idea that’s going to leave them all in the dust.

Someone – please! – make a modern MP3 player!

I give this idea to you for free, dear Internets, because I want this to happen with every fiber of my being. I realize that I’m probably in the minority, but I have a rather large music collection, which I would ideally like to have at my fingertips wherever I am. Outside of the iPod Classic however, there aren’t any devices available that cater to my particular niche. There really should be a portable music player with a modern design and software that isn’t old enough to attend Kindergarten. Is that so much to ask?

Everyone says I’m being old fashioned; after all, everyone these days uses their phones to listen to music (myself included). But mostly this feels like a “good enough” solution. My phone’s hard drive is laughably small, and with my music library having ballooned past the 32GB mark ages ago, there aren’t many phones in the market that could accommodate my listening habits. More importantly, the amount of listening I do on a daily basis drains my battery to almost nothing, especially at work, making useless as a phone.


But old fashioned though I may be, I’m not so curmudgeonly that I can’t appreciate the benefits of the 21st century. I’ve been a fan of Pandora for years (I’m even a Pandora One member) and I’d be hard-pressed to part with my Spotify subscription. So if we’re really going to make an awesome music player, connecting with these services (and more!) should definitely be on the docket. It could even connect to an online music store like Amazon, for on-the-go music purchasing.

So to any entrepreneur that may be reading this, let’s make this happen! The music lovers thank you in advance.