Life Without the Interwebs

I wrote a few week back about trying to limit my internet hours – i.e. the Digital Detox pt. Deux– and the past week has truly been a test of my addiction. Why? My apartment has been without internet since last Sunday. Our old roommate had been paying for our interwebs service, and foolishly we hadn’t started the process of setting up a new contract once she left.

As soon as we realized it was gone, we rushed over to the AT&T store and begged for them to give us access to their series of tubes. They graciously granted our request, but warned that they could not connect the tubes to our house for another week! Thankfully, that week ends today.

I suppose that I’ve been lucky to have a girlfriend to keep me occupied during these dark days (and yes, you can feel free to interpret that however your dirty minds see fit). Since we haven’t been able to play Words With Friends, we’ve been playing Scrabble – using a physical game board! – at one of our favorite coffee shops. We’ve also been taking bike rides around Midtown Sacramento, which as I noted previously I was quite surprised to learn I could still do. And since we couldn’t watch Netflix streaming, I was forced to dust off my DVDs when we wanted to watch Doctor Who or Wargames. And of course we went out dancing; that is how we met after all.

I have to admit, it really wasn’t as bad as I imagined. I’ve missed being able to share my passing thoughts on Twitter, and walking to coffee shops just to check email and post blogs has been slightly annoying, but overall I felt much more productive and engaged with the real world.

When I wasn’t playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, that is.