Digital Detox Pt. Deux

Some of you may remember the last time I cleansed myself of a potential Internet addiction – my self-proclaimed Digital Detox – and much to my dismay it seems like I’m due for another one. I’ve been finding myself spending ridiculous amounts of time nonlinear and being generally unproductive as a result. I’m not even sure where all my time is going, but I know that Facebook and Twitter are at least partially to blame.

My goal this time around is to limit time on my computer severely, substituting those activities with either reading, watching movies, dancing, or playing the new Legend of Zelda Wii game (I’m still a geek, after all). I’m also limiting my Twitter and Facebook check-ins to once a day, which actually won’t be too difficult since (1) both are blocked at my office and (2) I lack a smartphone to check them when not at my computer.

As an added bonus, when I told my girlfriend what I was doing, she said “you just got 100 times hotter.”