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Life Without the Interwebs

I wrote a few week back about trying to limit my internet hours – i.e. the Digital Detox pt. Deux– and the past week has truly been a test of my addiction. Why? My apartment has been without internet since last Sunday. Our old roommate had been paying for our interwebs service, and foolishly we […]

The Boy is Back in Town

It’s the beginning of a new age! After nine long months, the slacker days are officially over. Oh sure, I flirted with substitute teaching in the last few months, but I always knew that what I really needed was to find a stable job back in the city I love. And found one I have! […]

Moving: Part Deux

It’s just ten more days before I’m officially pulling up stakes and leaving Sacramento. I’ve been packing and moving boxes regularly since I last reported, and even though I’ve stated eating off paper plates, I’m not feeling the impact of this move yet. I’m leaving a job, my friends, dancing, and a girlfriend behind, and […]


It’s the beginning of July, which means moving day is fast approaching. Unfortunately, this isn’t the fun “I’m trading up to a bigger and better place” kind of move; no deluxe apartment in the sky for me. No this is the “I couldn’t find a job so I have to live with my parents” kind […]

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