It’s the beginning of July, which means moving day is fast approaching. Unfortunately, this isn’t the fun “I’m trading up to a bigger and better place” kind of move; no deluxe apartment in the sky for me. No this is the “I couldn’t find a job so I have to live with my parents” kind of move. My job search has been less than fruitful, and I’m at a point where I can no longer afford to live on my own. And so I’m forced to move back to my hometown and continue the job search from there. I’m hopeful it’ll only be temporary.

In the meantime, I have to pack up my life. I know I don’t have a lot of possessions compared to some people, but I know I’ve accumulated a fair amount after three years away from home. Furniture, dishware, bedding: all of this needs to be boxed up and hauled up to my mom’s house. I just picked up a bunch of boxes from Bee’s aunt (who just recently moved herself), and I’ll probably start packing up the non-essential items like books, movies, and videogames in the next few days.

The hardest part is going to be finding someone to help me move my bed. I have a twin at my mom’s house, but I got Full-sized matress when I moved into this apartment. It’ll be a pain, but I’d like to store it for when I eventually move back out. I’m kind of lucky that the only furniture I’ll be storing is my IKEA nightstand, since my roommate has graciously offered to buy my (incredibly heavy) IKEA dresser. That thing was hard enough to transport in pieces!

The one final part of moving I was reminded of this weekend was sorting through my fridge. I don’t have much food currently, but I have enough that I don’t really care to transport it all. The majority of it is either boxed food like Hamburger Helper or alcohol. I can easily eat through my pantry, but drinking through my half-dozen bottles of wine is another matter. My coworker has suggested I through a small party before I move out, and it’s sounding like a good idea.

My girlfriend has already started cleaning out her stuff. I’ll be taking my first carload of belongings home this weekend, and I have a feeling the apartment is going to feel very empty afterwards. What do you do when you move? Does it ever feel sad to leave the old house/apartment?