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Clearing Out The Cruft

The times they are a-changin’ around Sacramento. Spring will be here before we know it, and I’ll be making my first big move in almost three years when it does. I’m staying in Sacramento (for now, at least), but my roommates are all moving out and starting new lives in the next couple months. It […]


I think it’s no secret that I love living in Sacramento. Compared to life in my tiny hometown, Sacramento is full of exciting people and activities (like Swing dancing, of course). And the location is so convenient! Most of my relatives are within an hour’s distance to the North or South, and places like Tahoe […]

The Boy is Back in Town

It’s the beginning of a new age! After nine long months, the slacker days are officially over. Oh sure, I flirted with substitute teaching in the last few months, but I always knew that what I really needed was to find a stable job back in the city I love. And found one I have! […]

Moving: Part Deux

It’s just ten more days before I’m officially pulling up stakes and leaving Sacramento. I’ve been packing and moving boxes regularly since I last reported, and even though I’ve stated eating off paper plates, I’m not feeling the impact of this move yet. I’m leaving a job, my friends, dancing, and a girlfriend behind, and […]


It’s the beginning of July, which means moving day is fast approaching. Unfortunately, this isn’t the fun “I’m trading up to a bigger and better place” kind of move; no deluxe apartment in the sky for me. No this is the “I couldn’t find a job so I have to live with my parents” kind […]

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