Moving: Part Deux

It’s just ten more days before I’m officially pulling up stakes and leaving Sacramento. I’ve been packing and moving boxes regularly since I last reported, and even though I’ve stated eating off paper plates, I’m not feeling the impact of this move yet. I’m leaving a job, my friends, dancing, and a girlfriend behind, and though I plan to come back regularly, it won’t be the same.

The hardest part about moving so far: deciding what not to pack. Some things are just easier to pack than others, and I’d hate to be without something I need/want during these last few weeks. I certainly don’t need my DVD collection, for instance, but Bee and I watch Netflix all the time, so the Wii has to stay. I still have one more trip planned before the final move, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m still gonna have a lot to move on that last day.

If there’s any silver-lining in this ordeal, it’s that I might have an employment opportunity in my hometown. No, I didn’t get a job offer (I actually got yet another rejection notice last week). I’m taking the CBEST exam early next month, and if I pass, I’ll be able to do some substitute teaching. It’s intermittent work to be sure, but the income will be very welcome while I’m essentially unemployed.