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Figuring Out Where I’m Going

Lately I’ve been think about what I want to do and where I want to be in the next year. I’ve been substitute teaching, which has been great for earning money and generally getting me more productive during the week. However, I’m still no closer to finding a “big kid” job back in Sacramento. Come […]

Making Money, Spending Money

As I mentioned last time, I’ve started working again: I’m officially a substitute teacher for the local school district. I’ve only been registered for two weeks and I’ve already had three days of work, along with plenty of additional calls that I’ve turned down (for various reasons). That means come March 10th, I’ll have an […]

Besting the CBEST

Two weeks after my grueling Saturday morning spent with the CBEST exam, my results are in: I passed with flying colors! If you recall, I was less than enthusiastic with my performance following the ordeal. Looking at my results, I definitely started the test stronger than I finished. The reading section, which tripped me up […]

I Thought I Was Done With School

Yesterday was CBEST Exam Day, and I’m happy to report that it’s officially behind me. I’ve been stressing about this exam for the last month, worrying (primarily) that I would completely flunk it because I’m so terrible at math. As it turned out, neither the test nor my mathematical aptitude were as bad as I […]

Moving: Part Deux

It’s just ten more days before I’m officially pulling up stakes and leaving Sacramento. I’ve been packing and moving boxes regularly since I last reported, and even though I’ve stated eating off paper plates, I’m not feeling the impact of this move yet. I’m leaving a job, my friends, dancing, and a girlfriend behind, and […]

Job Advice from my Girlfriend

“I think I might want to be an editor at a publishing house.” “Well, but first you have to actually like other people’s writing.” Insightful job advice from my girlfriend to say the least. Since graduating almost two weeks ago, I’ve been giving my future job prospects a bit of thought. A lot of people […]

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