The Boy is Back in Town

It’s the beginning of a new age!

After nine long months, the slacker days are officially over. Oh sure, I flirted with substitute teaching in the last few months, but I always knew that what I really needed was to find a stable job back in the city I love. And found one I have! Although it may not be a glamorous position, I’m now an Administrative Assistant for a worker’s comp organization (which will remain nameless).

Although it’s great to be working full-time again, the particulars of my employment matters far less than what it actually means: I’m moving back to Sacramento! Living rent-free is nice and all, but I miss my independence. I miss being able to meet up with friends or going dancing at a moment’s notice, rather than driving an hour to do anything of interest (there’s not a lot going on in my hometown). I’ve got a place all lined up with a friend of mine, and I’m starting to peruse the IKEA catalogs to furnish my bedroom-to-be.

I feel invigorated by these new developments. I’m not quite 24, I have a stable job with a decent wage, I’m in the best shape of my life, and very soon I’ll be settled into my new home.

Yep, I think this is the start of something amazing!