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Nintendo Wii

My Pilgrimage to Nintendo World

Some of the places I knew I wanted to see when I was in New York wasn’t what you’d expect. Of course I wanted to see the big attractions like the Empire State Building, Central Park, and Grand Central Terminal, but I had several other excursions planned that were decidedly nerdier. One in particular though […]

More Than a Netflix Box

This evening I booted up my Nintendo Wii intending to spend yet another evening basking in the crimson-tinted glow of Netflix. I recently discovered that the old 90s era X-Men cartoon from my youth was available for streaming in its entirety, so I’ve spent the last few days reliving those halcyon days. But after a […]

Playing with Power

My girlfriend and I have been playing a lot of Wii games this year, and judging from today’s announcements at E3, the next year looks to have even more for us to play. Mostly, the two of us have been playing any Mario game we can get our hands on. We’ve completely eviscerated New Super […]

Some Thoughts on Netflix for Wii

As a Wii owner, I’ve often been frustrated by the lack of DVD playback on the device. Even though I know and understand the reasoning behind the omission, it still seems like a missed opportunity. I mean, the controller looks like a TV remote. Thankfully though, the situation was somewhat rectified last weekend when I […]

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