I Got a Webdesign Gig!

No, this isn’t the end of my long-running job hunt. The hunt goes on. Instead, I’ve been commissioned to redesign the website for a local organization. I probably shouldn’t give too many details about my client at the moment, except to say that the person who commissioned me also happens to be a friend of mine.

I’m sure some of you may be surprised that I would be interested in designing a website. After all, I’m a pretty stereotypical English major. But as a matter of fact, webdesign is one of my hobbies, albeit one I haven’t really partaken in recently.

Back in high school, I spent a couple years in various computer courses learning and building personal websites. I even had one hosted on Geocities for awhile, before it was sadly shut down late last year. I haven’t really done much design work since moving on to college through, Every few months, I’ll open Photoshop and design a nice website template, but it never progresses much beyond that. Without a goal in mind – and with so much else going on in my life – it’s often hard to find the motivation for some of these lesser projects.

I’m really excited for this opportunity though. I feel like I’m pretty good at taking someone else’s vision and actualizing on it, and that’s exactly what I hope to do for this organization. Some preliminary ideas have been thrown around in our initial meetings, but tonight we’ll be getting together to firm up what they’re hopes are for the design and functionality. It sounds like we’ll be using a platform like WordPress to make the update process relatively easy and without the need for a “webmaster”.

I’ll post another update after I’ve had a chance to do some actual design work. I can’t wait to get started!