Diving Head First into WordPress

I’ve spent the last two days learning my way around WordPress for that website redesign project I mentioned last week. I told my client that I’d try to have a demo build up and running for the organization’s board meeting on Monday (just two days away!), so I’m having to learn the ins and outs of the WordPress CMS at a breakneck pace. Let me tell you, it’s exhausting!

Although I’ve worked in webdesign before, this project is much more complex than anything else I’ve ever done. I come from a purely HTML and CSS background, so plunging into the world of Apache, mySQL, PHP, and WordPress all at once has been pretty overwhelming to say the least. I hit several brick walls while constructing the site, some of wish still haven’t been solved. If I were doing this for my own personal website, I know I would have given up long ago.

And after many hours of toil, I finally have a working demo site. It’s not perfect, but considering the circumstances I’m pretty impressed with myself. When this project is over, I may just use my newly acquired knowledge to finally build my own website.