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Ninjas and Dinosaurs

Have you noticed anything different about this blog lately? That’s right: the new name (and URL!) are both live. Irish Ninjutsu has officially been renamed Ninjasaurus. As I mentioned before, this wasn’t a change I embarked on half-heartedly. I spent many hours brainstorming and deliberating a multitude of names. I’m hoping you like the new […]

Diving Head First into WordPress

I’ve spent the last two days learning my way around WordPress for that website redesign project I mentioned last week. I told my client that I’d try to have a demo build up and running for the organization’s board meeting on Monday (just two days away!), so I’m having to learn the ins and outs […]

I Got a Webdesign Gig!

No, this isn’t the end of my long-running job hunt. The hunt goes on. Instead, I’ve been commissioned to redesign the website for a local organization. I probably shouldn’t give too many details about my client at the moment, except to say that the person who commissioned me also happens to be a friend of […]

Words With Jeff

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