Losing Privacy

I’m having a bit of a rude awakening about the value of being open on the web. Twice in the last two weeks I’ve had people stalk me for various reasons, finding all of my accounts (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, my Blog, etc.) and learning more information about me (some of it inexplicable) than I’m personally comfortable with. I try to exercise a good amount of discretion with what I post on the net, particularly on my blogs, Twitter account, and Facebook. But even small slip-ups are being caught by ever-watchful eyes: the eyes of people I don’t even know in some cases!

It’s actually pretty frightening.

I’ve had my Facebook protected for some time now, and I guess now all my Twitter updates need to be protected. I really don’t like the idea, but the alternative is much worse (especially since it has hurt not only me but someone I care deeply for). Right now, I just feel like shutting off from the world.