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May the 4th Be With You

Today is Star Wars Day!! What have you done today to celebrate? If not for work, I totally would’ve stayed home and watched the complete original trilogy. Since I couldn’t do that though, I’ve been following Darth Vader on Twitter all day. Aside from being hilarious, Vader is a really good source for Star Wars-related […]

Digital Detox

Right now, I’m doing something that I haven’t done in years: I’m composing without a computer. That’s right, I’m going old school with pen and paper. Of course, none of you can actually tell that I’m physically writing since you’re reading this online after I’ve typed it up, so trust me on this one. But […]

Losing Privacy

I’m having a bit of a rude awakening about the value of being open on the web. Twice in the last two weeks I’ve had people stalk me for various reasons, finding all of my accounts (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, my Blog, etc.) and learning more information about me (some of it inexplicable) than I’m personally […]

I Have Little Sisters?! The Whole Story

I’m sure some of my followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook are all wondering what’s been going on since last night. For those of you out of the loop: I made a couple of discoveries last night, one of which left me so shocked that I still haven’t quite recovered. I’d like to preface […]

What’s in a Tweet? Some Thoughts on Twitter

So one unexpected consequence of my flirtation with FriendFeed is that I finally started to use Twitter. The “Microblogging” service has always been one of those websites I never quite understood, much like the “social bookmarking” site before it. I always thought “well, why wouldn’t you just blog/email/IM instead?” But since everyone else on FriendFeed […]

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