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What Just Happened?

The election wasn’t supposed to end like this. When I went to bed Monday evening – after writing about my trepidation for the day ahead – I breathed a small sigh of relief because I thought my fears and anxiety about a Trump presidency would soon be at an end. Election Day itself went by […]

The Hardest Job

I don’t talk much about the ins and outs of my life here on this blog, and that’s a very conscious decision I made many years ago. It’s not that I don’t want my (albeit minuscule) audience of readers to know the particulars of my everyday existence; on the contrary, I frequently use personal history […]

Not All Men

On Friday night, May 23rd, a young man named Elliot Rodger decided that he’d had enough. He was 22 years old, still a virgin, and had “never even kissed a girl.” It seems as though girls had “never been attracted” to Rodger, a “supreme gentleman” in his own mind, and instead threw themselves at “obnoxious […]

Terse Words about Angry Birds

It seems like only yesterday that I was ranting about Rovio’s unfulfilled promises regarding Angry Birds and the ability to sync progress across devices. Unfortunately, it wasn’t yesterday; it was over a year ago, which itself was at least a year after the company promised to be working on a solution. Well I guess I […]

Cutting Back

I started this week expecting to be writing this post about how I finally pulled the trigger and bought Google’s latest Nexus 7 tablet, which for months I figured would be announced at their annual Google IO developer’s conference. After all, the original tablet was unveiled at last year’s IO, and these things tend to […]


Two of the most difficult parts of my vacation were (1) actually being a tourist and (2) dealing with all the other tourists. I actually hate acting like a tourist in a foreign city. I’m totally fine with taking a ridiculous amount of pictures around Sacramento, but put my in Vegas, San Francisco, or New […]

New York: Don’t Trust First Impressions

My first few hours in New York were rough. Actually, that’s like saying that the Atlantic Ocean is a bit damp: an understatement of the highest degree. Those hours sucked! The problems started before I even got on the plane. My girlfriend, having lived in New York for almost two years, had the foresight to […]

The Trouble with eBooks

As you already know, I’ve been loving my Kindle Fire, despite its flaws. It may not be the best general-purpose tablet, but when it comes to reading, there are few devices that best it. Its just so damn convenient to have dozens of books available for reading in a device the size of The Great […]

I Feel Like a Christmas Movie Hipster

“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…” I have been watching Die Hard on Christmas for years. It’s a personal tradition, and not unlike how some people can;t let the holidays go by without sitting through A Christmas Story or those old Rankin Bass specials from the 70s. Why Die […]

On Job Hunting (and Why It Sucks)

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately about how the job hunting has been going, and the short answer is quite simply that it hasn’t been going well. At all. The longer answer is this: I’ve been looking for new employment for about a year, and have been unemployed for closing in on six months, […]

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