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The Epic Tea Saga

I learned two very important things yesterday, both of which were related to the making of hot tea. It is not every day that one acquires so much knowledge on such a subject. The first thing I learned is that I cannot make a cup of tea to save my life. Many of my friends […]

Isn’t Spring Supposed to be Sunny?

When I wrote about how nice the weather was in my area a few months back, I think I may have jinxed the entire state. California’s weather has been absolutely schizophrenic as of late. We’ll have a few days of sun immediately followed by a few more of rain and wind and general misery. What’s […]


Last month, I was in my very first car accident. If I had been better blogger when it happened, I probably would have made a post or two about the whole incident and subsequent events. In short though, my car was rear-ended at a traffic signal. It was very low speed accident – thankfully – […]

Grammar Debates, Pet Peeves, and Fools’ Errands

My fellow English geeks are going to love this! Today at work, there was an honest to goodness grammar debate going on. The grammar problem on everyone’s mind was whether it was more appropriate to say “an historic” or “a historic” in one of our press releases.Although I frequently hear “an historic” spoken on TV […]

Losing Privacy

I’m having a bit of a rude awakening about the value of being open on the web. Twice in the last two weeks I’ve had people stalk me for various reasons, finding all of my accounts (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, my Blog, etc.) and learning more information about me (some of it inexplicable) than I’m personally […]

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