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King of Fighters XI is on the Way!

You’ve all heard my rave about King of Fighters XI before and how much I went through to play it. Well, now SNK has released the title in America for a mere fraction (see: $15) of what I paid originally. Oh but that’s not all: sucker that I am, I’ve ordered this version off of […]

Garou MotW > King of Fighters XI

I’ve sung the praises of King of Fighters XI before, but today I feel that King of 2D Fighting Games, in my estimation, has been dethroned by my recent adventure into the library of SNK. What game could possibly accomplish this feat? Why, none other 1999’s Garou: Mark of the Wolves. About a month ago, […]

Retrospective: King of Fighters XI

Five years ago, when I was still a fledgling member on the internet gaming community, the idea of importing games directly from Japan seemed like a practice reserved only for the hardest of hardcore gamers. At that time, I only knew one person who imported games, but he was a huge Bemani fan so it […]

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