King of Fighters XI is on the Way!

You’ve all heard my rave about King of Fighters XI before and how much I went through to play it. Well, now SNK has released the title in America for a mere fraction (see: $15) of what I paid originally. Oh but that’s not all: sucker that I am, I’ve ordered this version off of Amazon and it is in the mail as we speak. It should arrive sometime this week. Why would I buy a videogame I already own simply because it’s now in English? Well (1) it’s in English, (2) the Developer SNK needs to know they have fans and support in the States, and (3) I am that effing HARDCORE!

In Addition:

Capcom is releasing a version of Okami on the Wii. I own it for the PS2, but I’ll be getting this version too. I don’t even own a Wii yet!

Persona 3 FES is rumored to be coming Stateside. I haven’t even finished the regular, vanilla version of Persona 3, but I’m grabbing FES for sure.