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These Aren’t Resolutions

So… It’s already March. In case you didn’t notice, I did not post my new year resolutions for 2015 back in January, as is my habit. Not that it matters: as I so masterfully demonstrated in 2014, I’m not always the best at keeping said resolutions. Which is why I’m not making any new resolutions […]

More Than a Netflix Box

This evening I booted up my Nintendo Wii intending to spend yet another evening basking in the crimson-tinted glow of Netflix. I recently discovered that the old 90s era X-Men cartoon from my youth was available for streaming in its entirety, so I’ve spent the last few days reliving those halcyon days. But after a […]

Why Are There So Many Wires?!

It’s times like these that I wish I had a desk. My bed is and has for many years been the closest thing to a desk I have, but sometimes it’s far from an ideal setup. When I was trying to troubleshoot my netbook after a botched Ubuntu installation (more on that some other time), […]

Movies for Nobodies

They weren’t experts. They weren’t know-it-alls. But they made one hell of a movie podcast! I’ve been listening to podcasts for the better part of the decade, starting when iTunes added them to their store. And one of the programs I’ve been listening to almost from the very beginning was Movies for Nobodies. It was […]

Digital Detox

Right now, I’m doing something that I haven’t done in years: I’m composing without a computer. That’s right, I’m going old school with pen and paper. Of course, none of you can actually tell that I’m physically writing since you’re reading this online after I’ve typed it up, so trust me on this one. But […]

iPod in Need of Repair

Two years ago, during my Senior year of high school, I saved up and bought a 4GB green iPod Mini. Over the last couple years it’s become obvious that the meager 4GB simply is not enough to carry my entire music library (which right now totals exactly 1700 songs) plus my assortment of Podcasts. Aside […]

I Knew Grammar was Cool!

My mom thought I was nuts when I told her how much I enjoyed listening to a Podcast about Grammar rules. “What kind of teenager likes grammar?” she must have been thinking. She should know by now that I’m an English freak and I love that kind of shit. Well, even so, it looks like […]

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