iPod in Need of Repair

Two years ago, during my Senior year of high school, I saved up and bought a 4GB green iPod Mini. Over the last couple years it’s become obvious that the meager 4GB simply is not enough to carry my entire music library (which right now totals exactly 1700 songs) plus my assortment of Podcasts. Aside from this, the battery is no longer holding the 12-15 hour charge it once did (I’ll get 6-8 hours maybe). Usually, a person would simply upgrade to a more powerful model like a Zune or Video iPod, but I love my Mini too much to simply throw it away. So what does one do?

Well, Ars Technica posted a while back about one such person like me who took it upon himself to not only fix his iPod Mini, but actually make it better. This looks like one possible solution to my needs, but I’m a bit weary of opening up my iPod personally. I’d rather someone who knows what they’re doing handle the process.

Enter iPodMods. I don’t have the funds for the process right now, but between an official Apple battery replacement and this 8GB drive from Seagate, I can’t think of many better uses for $200 bucks. Hell, that’s cheaper than most iPods new, and I think a small price to pay for my beloved MP3 player.