Movies for Nobodies

They weren’t experts. They weren’t know-it-alls. But they made one hell of a movie podcast!

I’ve been listening to podcasts for the better part of the decade, starting when iTunes added them to their store. And one of the programs I’ve been listening to almost from the very beginning was Movies for Nobodies. It was fun listening to the hosts geek-out about comic book movies or bitch about how disappointing “Movie X” was. They weren’t professional critics – just regular folks who loved movies – but that’s precisely what made the podcast so enjoyable to listen to. It was so easy to relate to them and their thoughts on movies.

Sadly though, the hosts have decided to end the show after almost 5 years. I just listened to the last show this morning, in fact. Movies for Nobodies has been a part of my weekly listening routine almost from the start, and now I’m left without a movie podcast to fill the void. But I suppose all good things must come to an end, and I certainly can’t fault these guys for entertaining me all these years.

So to Chris, Rob, JD, Mark, and Christi: you guys rock, and your podcast will be missed.

Thanks for the Memories.