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July 4th Be With You

I know many Americans are probably celebrating Independence Day by watching the 1996 Will Smith movie of the same name (or the recently released sequel), but not me. When I realized that all my Star Wars shirts were red, white, and blue, I knew that I’d be celebrating America’s birthday with Luke, Leia, Han, and the rest […]

The Rocketeer

Disney’s First Avenger Back in 1991, long before Disney had any notion of one day buying Marvel, the company released a movie based on a little-known comic book superhero: The Rocketeer. I won’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of this film, especially since the 1991 Disney film most people are familiar with is Beauty […]

Female Protagonists are not a Feminist Conspiracy

When Nintendo confirmed this past week that, at least in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the character Link would remain strictly male, many people were understandably disappointed. The last few months had been full rumors suggesting there would at least be an option to play the game as a woman; even I […]

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy – the latest entry in Marvel’s ever-expanding Cinematic universe – is a movie that doesn’t feel like it belongs in 2014. Sure, it has some of the trappings of a modern movie, including copious and frequently gorgeous CGI as well as highly quotable dialogue; however, it also feels like a throwback […]

Of Ants and Men

Before things took a decidedly dark turn last weekend, the Internet’s attention had been fixated on one thin: director Edgar Wright’s sudden departure from Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man film. As usual, the reason given for the split was “creative differences”, a phrase so vague that it could literally mean anything. Of course, vague statements and a […]

Ms. Marvel Issue 1 Cover

Ms. Marvel

I come to you today to discuss a very serious topic: comic books. Don’t scoff! Although you may have never read a single issue of X-Men or even a panel of Peanuts, comic books and their characters are now a huge part of our popular culture. Marvel and DC (among others) are raking in billions […]

My Top 10 Movies of 2011

One of my favorite blog posts of last year  was about my Top 10 movies of 2010. At the time, I intended to make the article an annual feature, compiling the films (new and old) that left the biggest impression on me during the previous year. I even went as far as compiling my 2011 […]

So I Saw The Hunger Games This Weekend…

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been really hyped-up for a movie. I’m pretty sure Captain America was the last one, and thankfully that came close to living up to my expectations. After reading reading The Hunger Games novel back in November, the movie adaptation quickly shot up to the top of my list […]

I Feel Like a Christmas Movie Hipster

“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…” I have been watching Die Hard on Christmas for years. It’s a personal tradition, and not unlike how some people can;t let the holidays go by without sitting through A Christmas Story or those old Rankin Bass specials from the 70s. Why Die […]

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