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My Top 10 Movies of 2010 (With a Twist!)

The past year has been incredible for me personally. I know I saw more movies in 2010 then in any year previously, between the many nights I spent over the summer at the drive-in or the multitude of DVDs Netflix sent me (I got my subscription last January). Of course, not everything I watched this […]

High Kicks and Karate Flicks

Happy Labor Day! I’m sure most of you are out barbequeing or enjoying the last long weekend of Summer at the beach. I, on the other hand, spent the weekend in a rather unorthodox manner: watching martial arts movies. Action movies are easily my favorite genre, but I think that the martial arts subgenre might […]

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

As you already know, Bee and I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for my birthday last week. Since then, I’ve been getting lots of requests for my thoughts on the film, and as much as I love Twitter, microblogging seems to be inadequate for this purpose. I don’t typically review movies (nor do I […]

Shall We Dance?

“What? You haven’t seen Swing Kids?!” “You don’t watch So You Think You Can Dance? Shouldn’t that be your favorite TV show?” “How can you call yourself a dancer if you haven’t seen Strictly Ballroom?” Being a dancer is more than just knowing the steps. There are certain expectations other dancers have regarding the dancing […]

Summers at the Drive-In

Unless you’re a really big fan of the beach, Summertime is all about one thing: blockbuster movies! My girlfriend and I are both big movie watchers, so obviously we’ve been spending lots of time at the local multiplex. And why not? There is a metric ton’s worth of good movies either out already or coming […]

The Sean Astin Effect

Over the weekend, I watched “The Goonies,” a movie I haven’t seen probably since I was 12 years old. As I was watching the opening credits though, I was struck by one of the actor’s names: Sean Astin. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” I said. “He’s in this movie too?” And sure enough he […]

Movies for Nobodies

They weren’t experts. They weren’t know-it-alls. But they made one hell of a movie podcast! I’ve been listening to podcasts for the better part of the decade, starting when iTunes added them to their store. And one of the programs I’ve been listening to almost from the very beginning was Movies for Nobodies. It was […]

May the 4th Be With You

Today is Star Wars Day!! What have you done today to celebrate? If not for work, I totally would’ve stayed home and watched the complete original trilogy. Since I couldn’t do that though, I’ve been following Darth Vader on Twitter all day. Aside from being hilarious, Vader is a really good source for Star Wars-related […]

Some Thoughts on Netflix for Wii

As a Wii owner, I’ve often been frustrated by the lack of DVD playback on the device. Even though I know and understand the reasoning behind the omission, it still seems like a missed opportunity. I mean, the controller looks like a TV remote. Thankfully though, the situation was somewhat rectified last weekend when I […]

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